International Spillover Effects and Germany

Jan 17, 2024

An analysis of Germany’s performance on spillovers and the policy options to manage them

Globalization has created new complexities for countries to measure and manage the environmental and social risks their economies may generate. Rich countries, given their historical responsibility for climate change and high levels of consumption, have a special imperative to ensure they are not impeding other countries’ abilities to meet the SDGs. As one of the world’s largest economies and a key player in the multilateral system, Germany’s eff...


Fuller, G. and Bermont-Diaz L. (2024). International Spillover Effects and Germany: An analysis of Germany’s performance on spillovers and the policy options to manage them. Paris: SDSN, 2024.

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About the authors

Grayson Fuller
Manager, SDG Index & Data team, SDSN

Grayson Fuller

Grayson Fuller is the manager of the SDG Index and of the team working on SDG data and statistics at SDSN. He is co-author of the Sustainable Development Report, for which he manages the data, coding, and statistical analyses. He also coordinates the production of regional and subnational editions of the SDG Index, in addition to other statistical reports, in collaboration with national governments, NGOs and international organizations such as the WHO, UNDP and the European Commission. Grayson received his Masters degree in Economic Development at Sciences Po Paris. He holds a Bachelors in Romance Languages and Latin American Studies from Harvard University, where he graduated cum laude. Grayson has lived in several Latin American countries and speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. He enjoys playing the violin, rock-climbing and taking care of his numerous plants in his free time.

Leslie Bermont Díaz
Lead Economist, SDG Index & Financing, SDSN Paris

Leslie Bermont Díaz

Leslie Bermont Díaz is Lead Economist at SDSN, where she works on the creation and analysis of indicators to measure international spillovers and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She manages the production of the Global Commons Stewardship Index – a report that provides sector-level information on countries’ domestic and spillover impacts on the Global Commons – and has participated in projects related to SDG Financing and climate finance, particularly in Small Islands Developing States. She holds a PhD in Economics from Université Paris-Dauphine PSL, in which she specialized in food security and nutrition issues. Prior to her PhD, Leslie was a policy analyst at the OECD, where she worked on resilience and energy efficiency in cities.


We thank Guillaume Lafortune (SDSN) for his guidance and feedback, Etienne Berthet (SDSN) for statistical support, and Juliana Torres Cortes (SDSN) for technical support. Max Gruber designed the data visualization platform on localizing spillover effects that accompanies this report, available at