Jul 28, 2023SDSN supports WHO/Europe in assessing progress on the Ostrava Declaration: health, environment and the SDGs

This new report uses official statistics to assess progress made in implementing the 2017 Ostrava Declaration on Health and the Environment.

According to WHO, nearly a quarter (23%) of global deaths result from modifiable environmental factors such as air, water and soil pollution; climate change; ecosystem disruptions; and lack of access to safe water.

In the 2017 Ostrava Declaration, Member States of the WHO European Region agreed to measure and report on progress on seven priority areas of action: air quality; water, sanitation and hygiene; chemicals; waste and contaminated sites; climate adaptation and mitigation, sustainable cities and regions; and sustainable health systems.

This new report produced by SDSN for WHO/Europe evaluates progress made in implementing the Declaration. Using official data and indicators included in its proposed monitoring framework, it reveals that progress among the region’s 53 Member States is mixed and, in most cases, insufficient, with important differences in performance depending on the thematic area and subregion. Key dimensions of the Ostrava Declaration cannot be accurately monitored in the WHO European Region due to a lack of timely, internationally comparable data.

Find other key conclusions and results in the report here.

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